MacArthur & Ford Foundation – Nigerian Youth Future Fund Grant Application 2022 (up to $40000)

Given a myriad of social challenges and policy failures that young Nigerians contend with, they have become increasingly poised to lead powerful organizations, institutions and groups, having built capacity from leading change at a social level. The African Leadership Institute report, “An Abundance of Young African Leaders but No Seat at the Table,” points out that Africa does not suffer a lack of young leaders However, many young Africans lack representation in the corridors of power. According to the report, about 700,000 young Africans have already been exposed to a level of selective leadership initiative, implying that the challenge is in harnessing the innovation, creativity and potential of these young leaders.

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As witnessed in recent youth agitations and protests, it is evident that young Nigerians are already exploring alternative leadership and funding models aided by digital technology.

However, some of these agitations have made evident some leadership, sustainability and organizational gaps within the Nigerian youth ecosystem. Noticeable among them are weak negotiation and consensus-building methods, unclear exit strategy, inability to identify intergenerational allies, and a limited capacity to facilitate long-term engagement with existing governance or political structures. In addition, efforts by stakeholders in the Nigerian youth ecosystem are still compromised by a preference to work in silos, leading to a duplication of efforts and unsustainable results.

Consequently, LEAP Africa in partnership with MacArthur Foundation and Ford Foundation sought to establish the Nigeria Youth Futures fund (NYFF) to provide targeted capacity building, youth ecosystem building and financial support to burgeoning youth-led movements in Nigeria, in order to sustain their work locally and facilitate opportunities for learning.

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Grant Thematic Areas

  • Employment and EducationThe applicants should consider youth driven initiatives that focus on supporting the youth in their education and to spur up employment opportunities. Such initiatives should be inclusive and target result oriented activities among the youth.
  • Media, sport, and EntertainmentProjects that promote and strengthen Youth activities in media, sport and entertainment. Identification and promotion of youth media platforms and creative talent should be prioritized.
  • HealthThe concepts should focus on health issues of the young people such as drug and substance abuse, sexual and reprodcutive health, mental health and others
  • Peace building and SecurityThis prioritizes concepts that promote cultural integration, peaceful coexistence, armed forces and civilian relationship, and host of others.
  • ICT and EntrepreneurshipICT driven solutions that create values and have a sustainable business model.
  • Climate change and EnvironmentInitiatives and ideas that address drought and desertification, land degradation, more frequent extreme weather events, affected fresh water, water resources and loss of biodiversity
  • Civic participation initiatives and ideas that help increase Youth engagement/participation in politics and leadership.

How To Apply?

Small Grant: $500- $1000 – Targeted at individuals

Action Grant: $1000- $3000 -Grassroot & Community based organizations

Development Grant: $3000-$6000 -Youth-led & Youth Focused Organizations

Catalytic Grant: $ 40,000 -Civic and Innovation Hubs

Women and People Living with Disabilities are strongly encouraged to apply.

You are eligible to apply if you are a young change-maker (aged 15-35) with proven track record, working on a sustainable that directly addresses any of the following:

Follow this link to access the application

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