PhD fellowship Fully Funded in Applied Statistics in Monitoring Pesticide Effects at University of Copenhagen in Denmark 2022

Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences, Crop Science invites applicants for a “PhD fellowship in dynamic statistical modelling of toxic effects in herbicide exposed plants“. The project is part of the research project “Enhancing statistical methodology for toxicophenomics: High-throughput and high-dimensional data for ecotoxicological risk assessment”, which is financed by the Novo Nordic Foundation.

Start date is (expected to be) October 1st 2022 or as soon as possible thereafter.

The project
The main aim of environmental risk assessment is to assign magnitudes and probabilities to adverse effects of human impact. A key parameter used in chemical risk assessment is the benchmark dose, identifying the dose associated with a predefined deviation from non-treated controls in the testsystem investigated. The benchmark dose methodology relies on non-linear dose-response models. 

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Who are we looking for?
We are looking for a candidate with strong competences within the field(s) of statistics and data science. Applicants can have a background in statistics, mathematics, environmental modeling, or environmental toxicology with flair and interest in statistics and data science. The applicant should also be prepared to do some experimental work to produce own data.

Our group and research- and what do we offer?

The successful applicant will be part of a new research group focusing on applied statistics within agronomy, eco-toxicology and phenotyping. We are a part of the crop science section and work closely together with reasearchers across the section, inparticular the plant protection group. The crop science section studies and teaches basic and applied sciences related to crop production, with a focus on the interaction between Genotype, Management and Environment. 

How To Apply?

To be eligible for the regular PhD programme, you must have completed a degree programme, equivalent to a Danish master’s degree (180 ECTS/3 FTE BSc + 120 ECTS/2 FTE MSc) related to the subject area of the project, e.g. statistics, mathematics, environmenal modeling, or environmental toxicology. For information of eligibility of completed programmes, see General assessments for specific countries and Assessment database.

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Follow the link to apply