Taipei Design Award 2022 (Grant Award + Travel to Taiwan)

The ” 2022 Taipei Design Award” is open. From now until July 15 , it will collect outstanding design works from designers around the world. The total prize money is as high as 3.8 million yuan, of which the highest honor Taipei Mayor Award is as high as 600,000 yuan. Global design is welcome Experts show their design and creativity through Taipei Design Awards!

    In addition to the three categories of industrial design, visual communication design, and public space design, this year’s awards also have cross-category special awards “Social Innovation Award”, “Professional Application Improvement Award”, and “Circular Design Award” to encourage designers Design works with aesthetics , commercial value and social care with innovative thinking , reflecting the role and responsibility of designers in society.

    The jury of this competition continues the “convener system” and invites heavyweight experts in the design field, including the “Industrial Design Category” Honorary Chair Professor of the Department of Industrial Product Design of the University of Practice; “Visual Communication Design Category” Chen Yongji Design Co., Ltd. Director Chen Yongji and three experts in the field, including designer Yao Zhengzhong of “Public Space Design” , will lead the international jury to select outstanding design works through a professional and rigorous review system and process, and further encourage and explore potential designers. design.

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    The Taipei City Government adheres to the spirit of ” Design for Adaptive City : Designing for an ever-improving city”, and is committed to building Taipei City into a city with a design vision, and actively promotes the design industry through policy formulation, business opportunity matching, and cross-domain promotion. Develop and shape Taipei into a creative convergence platform. This year, the “Taipei Design Award” entered its 15th year. Last year, the number of entries reached a new high, with a total of 5,545 entries. As many as 72 countries and regions participated in the competition. The proportion of international designers participating in the competition reached more than 70%. Design Organization ( WDO ), International Organization of Design Associations ( ICoD ) and International Federation of Interior Architects and Designers ( IFI ) have affirmed and certified , and have also cooperated with the German iF Design Award (iF Design Award) in transnational cooperation to jointly promote and In recognition of excellent design in Taiwan. This year, we will continue to invite design experts from various fields to participate in the grand event, and show your design and creative strength through the Taipei Design Award.

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How To Apply?

 ” Taipei Design Award 2022 ” is now open for solicitation. For relevant competition points and event information, please visit the official website of “Taipei Design Award” ( , or contact Mr. Chen at 02-2698-2989 ext . 03133 .

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