The African Middle Eeastern Leadership Project 2022

Our mission is to mobilize, empower, and unite millennial leaders and activists from the Middle East and Africa to build resilient, inclusive societies that are free from discrimination, persecution, and violent coercion, and to advocate for policies in support of these goals.

Applications for the 2022 AMEL Institute are now open! Human rights and civil society activists from anywhere in the Middle East or Africa are encouraged to apply to be part of AMEL’s innovative and free training program. The regional online training program focuses on filling key knowledge and skill gaps so that young activists (aged 18-35) can be more effective and safe in their activism to advance dignity and rights for all. Trainees will also build their thematic and geographical networks, forging connections with like-minded activists from all across the region. Taught by a combination of experienced activists and top experts from prestigious institutions, such as Stanford and Harvard, the program focuses on:

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  • human rights history and advocacy;
  • activism self-care and safety, including digital security;
  • genocide history and prevention, including Holocaust education;
  • conflict transformation and non-violent movement building;
  • democratic development;
  • communicating about your activism causes, including using new media tools;
  • gender mainstreaming, engaging in cross-cultural communication and building allyship with activists across the Middle East & Africa.

How To Apply?

The 2022 AMEL Institute program will be spread across 7 weeks during July and August, and will combine video lessons with online discussions, quizzes, assignments, live webinars and more.

After stepping up their skills, knowledge and networks, AMEL trainees will be ready to take their change-making to the next level, while creating momentum for human rights, pluralism and democracy regionally and globally.

Learn more, spread the word and apply here.

To get more, like Diplomacy Opportunities Facebook Page, and follow us on Twitter and Instagram