Atlas Corps Fellowship For Climate Change And Environmental Professionals 2022

The Atlas Corps Fellowship engages global professionals committed to social impact in 12-month US-based or 14-month Blended Fellowships where they serve with organizations in the U.S. to learn best practices, build organizational capacity, and return home to create a network of global leaders. For more information about the Fellowship and the benefits of participating, visit

Atlas Corps is seeking global professionals with experience and passion for working on climate change and environmental issues to apply for the Atlas Corps Fellowship beginning in late 2022 and 2023. Fellows will serve full-time at mission-driven organizations and help the world progress towards the achievement of the sustainable development goals by working on initiatives that protect the planet, combat the threat of climate change, or promote clean energy and sustainable ecosystems. These Fellowships support the Atlas Corps mission of strengthening U.S.-based organizations by enabling a Fellow to grow their leadership and contribute their international experience and expertise to an organization’s environmental and climate change programs.

Atlas Corps is specifically looking for candidates with a background in project/program management, policy/advocacy, or partnership building/business development who may use their skills and expertise in the following issue areas:

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Sustainability / Environmental Social Governance (ESG)

  • Supporting and measuring an organization’s commitment to sustainability in manners such as: fulfillment to key sustainable development goals, climate change/carbon reduction, biodiversity loss, and safeguarding the environment while performing essential business/programming.
  • Building and implementing an organization’s commitment to sustainability through third-party partnerships and/or programming based on environmental issue areas.

Environmental Protection & Biodiversity Conservation

  • Promoting sustainability and resiliency of the world’s ecosystems such as air, water (oceans, waterways, lakes), forests (rainforests, carbon sinks), and land (resource conservation).
  • Land-use in the areas of green agriculture (technology and practices) and green urban design (low-emission, climate-resilient societies).

Clean & Sustainable Energy

  • Policy-making and expanding the utilization of bio-energies such as wind, water, solar, and other clean energy sources.
  • Combating climate change through measuring impacts and contributing to solutions such as de-carbonization, ending or limiting the use of fossil fuels, and ensuring climate accountability.

*Please Note: the above descriptions are only examples and not intended to be a comprehensive overview of every environmental or climate change issue. The Fellows’ role and daily responsibilities vary from organization to organization. Before accepting a Fellowship role, candidates will be given a position description and directly interviewed with an organization to help determine whether or not a Host Organization placement is a good match for their skills, experience, and professional development goals.

How To Apply?

Does this sound like the right opportunity for you? Applicants interested in a Climate Change and Environmental Fellowship should go through the same online application process as other applicants for the Atlas Corps Fellowship. Visit to learn more and start your application now for Fellowships beginning in late 2022 and 2023. The deadline to receive priority consideration for a Fellowship is May 31, 2022.

Fellows will also participate in the Atlas Corps Global Leadership Lab professional development series to develop their leadership skills and engage in networking opportunities with Atlas Corps Fellows from around the world. There is also the opportunity to participate in group cultural activities throughout the year such as a D.C. Monuments Tour, sporting events, U.S. holiday celebrations, and more. In addition to building connections with peers during the Fellowship, alumni will also join the Atlas Corps network of 1,200+ rising leaders from 112+ countries.

Unsure if your professional background is the best fit for this opportunity? Before applying, email your resume to with the subject “Climate Change and Environmental Fellowship” and we’ll let you know if you should apply or not.

If you are not eligible for this initiative, learn more about other priority areas at

To apply, kindly visit the official website

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