Call for expressions of interest to be the Interim Chair of the IUCN Climate Crisis Commission

International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN)

The IUCN Council invites IUCN Members and members of IUCN Commissions to send in expressions of interest from individuals who meet the criteria below for the position of Interim Chair and/or members of the Interim Steering Committee by 13:00 UTC on 28 April 2022.

The IUCN Bureau will consider candidates and make a recommendation to Council for the appointment of the Interim Chair at its 107th meeting on 18-19 May 2022. Gender equity and regional diversity will be taken into consideration in the review of candidates.

The Interim Chair will, with the support of the Bureau and in accordance with the criteria defined for the membership of the ISC, propose to Council the candidates for membership of the ISC at the latest by 30 June 2022, taking into account the expressions of interest received, with a view to Council appointing them by 31July 2022. The IC and ISC will be requested to develop draft terms of reference for the Commission by 15 October 2022 for Council’s consideration.

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The term of the IC will be until the end of the next IUCN World Conservation Congress in 2025.

Candidates for Interim Chair must be of high standing, with well-respected leadership qualities; a track record of experience, expertise and knowledge in climate policy and action and its nexus with the biodiversity crisis; a demonstrated capacity to inspire colleagues and mobilise resources; with a working knowledge of IUCN; a commitment to build cohesion across the Union’s components; and the commitment to dedicate substantial unpaid time to this role for the next three years.

Criteria for the position of Interim Chair

Candidates wishing to be considered for the position of interim Chair – Climate Crisis Commission should possess the following attributes:-


  • have previous governance/Board experience, preferably in an international or intergovernmental organization or a large regional organization
  • be committed to conservation, equity, justice and sustainable development
  • have a global view of the Union, and the ability to contribute to the strategicdirections of IUCN and determination of its priorities
  • financial literacy
  • experience in mobilizing financial resources from different sources
  • commitment to participate in Council and one of its standing committees
  • have the capacity to work in English and if possible, at least one of the other officiallanguages of IUCN

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  • documented, outstanding and widely respected expertise with respect to climate science, policy, governance and action and the nexus with biodiversity
  • good knowledge of IUCN, its structures, governance processes and ongoing work in the context of climate change
  • network of contacts around the world and proven networking skills
  • ability to work across cultures, disciplines, north-south
  • leadership qualities – able to give vision, sense of direction and inspiration
  • effective chair of meetings
  • proven strategic planning and organizational management skills
  • good communicator
  • the ability to build and achieve strategically coherent consensus and a commitmentto building cohesion across the Union’s components

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To Apply


(i) No conflict of interest;
(ii) Serve in a personal capacity and not as a representative of State, Member

organization or interest groups;
(iii) Time available for the full discharge of the interim Commission Chair’s duties

until the next World Conservation Congress in 2025;


(i) Support at institutional/employment base
(ii) Experience from regional and/or international networking (iii) Prior IUCN involvement

Expressions of interest should be sent to the IUCN President by 28 April 2022, and must include:

1. the candidate’s response to the above criteria
2. an up-to-date CV
3. a declaration of any relevant interests (to manage (potential) conflict of interests) 4. confirmation of the candidate’s commitment to dedicate the time to effectively discharge the role of a Commission Chair for the next three years
5. at least two endorsements from IUCN members in different IUCN regions
6. A document, no longer than 5 pages, of the candidate’s vision for the Commission, views on how the Commission, once established, could add value to IUCN without duplicating efforts

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