Selfless Africa Young Leaders In Education Award 2022 (win up to 500,000)

We were founded in 2009 by a group of young and idealistic students and professionals; our vision is to bring about positive change in the society, one selfless act at a time.

Our mission is to impact communities in the mother land and here in the US, in areas of education, healthcare and youth and community empowerment. 

We hope to encourage young leaders within their communities to pass forward selfless acts and projects in these fields, to inspire selflessness in the recipients and the community at large, creating a domino effect that will ultimately transform our societies for the better.

The Young Leaders in Education Award is a Selfless 4 Africa’s project which seeks to give grants to young people (university students and corp members) in Nigeria to embark on projects that show exemplary leadership and address a prevalent problem in the community. 

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  • Applicants are required to form a team of 2 students/corp members and undertake a government school focused project. The aim is to provide young teams with sufficient funds in order to fix a problem with sustainable solutions. 
  • Applicant proposals should be in one or a combination of the following areas: School renovations, to include provision of doors, windows, roofs, ceilings, resurfacing of floors, painting,  desks, tables, boards, uniforms, school supplies and other needed amenities in underfunded schools (must be community or government run). 

Note: Winners will receive N500,000.00 to implement the award, and will be given N75,000.00 at completion towards their school fees.

How To Apply

For more information and how to apply, visit the official website

To get more, like Diplomacy Opportunities Facebook Page, and follow us on Twitter and Instagram


  1. This grants will do a long way to actually affect the lives of pupils in school just to ehnance better learning for the students so many of them sits under the tress to collect lectures and it’s very unhealthy am actually contesting for the post of welfare director in my school so if given the opportunity to prove myself I will try my best and ensure that I put smiles in the face of this young pupils


  2. I am very interested in this grant I am contesting for the post of director of welfare in my school I know how important the the welfarism of the student is I will do my best if given this money to provide for them be it food school uniforms or other school facilities


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