Apply For Paid Fellowship-in-Residence with Peace First 2020

Peace First Fellows in Residence

Peace First Fellows in Residence

A growth opportunity and a learning community. The Fellowship-in-Residence, a paid, year-long Fellowship with Peace First, is an unparalleled opportunity to build your skills and networks as an emerging leader — and set you up for a career of lifelong leadership for social change.

Build a diverse skill set: In your day-to-day work, you’ll hone your skills at program design, facilitation and training, grantmaking, organizing, and more. Fellows-in-Residence will also have opportunities to interact with and learn about the other operational areas of a global nonprofit, and regularly meet with and work alongside members of our senior team.

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Build a network: As the lead ambassador for Peace First in your region, you’ll work to build our visibility and credibility by creating a broad and deep partner network — and, in the process, build your own network of peers and mentors.

Access support and coaching: The Director of the Fellows-in-Residence Program will be a constant source of support and feedback, and Fellows-inResidence will have regular touch points with the Founder & CEO and other senior leaders of the Peace First team. Peace First will match each Fellow-in Residence with an external mentor, who you’ll meet with biweekly to support your personal and professional growth.

Professional development stipend: Peace First will offer a professional development stipend to help you access professional development opportunities from conferences to continuing education.

Community of practice: We’ve structured the Fellowship-in-Residence as a community of practice – meaning that your fellow Fellows-in-Residence are a source of learning and support. Through in-person retreats and constant virtual communication, Fellows in-Residence will build a tight-knit community, offering a space for you to work through challenges, share joys, process frustrations, brainstorm new ideas, learn new things, and feel supported, valued, and championed.

What you’ll do

Along with your team of Fellows-in-Residence, supported by the Program Director, Fellows-in-Residence and the Program Design and Quality team, you will lead the implementation of Peace First programs and help young people around the world start and lead thousands of peacemaking projects. You’ll support them to generate new and innovative ideas to social problems, create impact in their community, and change the way the world sees young people.

Peace First is currently hiring Fellows-in-Residence in Sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle East & North Africa.

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To Apply

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Applications are due June 28th.

Learn more: Fellow-in-Residence Information Packet

Official Job Descriptions: Fellow-in-Residence, Middle East & North Africa

Fellow-in-Residence, Sub-Saharan Africa

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