Call For Interpreters and Translators (Stipends Available)

Afrika Youth Movement (AYM)

Afrika Youth Movement (AYM)

Afrika Youth Movement is seeking volunteer translators and interpreters for a month-long project on migration and COVID-19 across West Africa. There will be appropriate and reasonable stipends for the selected volunteers.

The below languages are highly needed:

  • Ghana: Abron, Asante, Ewe
  • Cote d’Ivoire: Agni, Baoulé, Bété, Senoufo, Yacouba
  • Cameroun: Beti, Douala, Guéré, Peul/Foulbé
  • Sénégal: Diola, Mandingue, Peul/Foulbé, Sérère, Soninké
  • Niger: Djerma, Haoussa / Hausa, Peul/Foulbé, Songhai
  • Guinea Conakry: Peul/Foulbé, Soussou
  • Mali: Peul/Foulbé, Senoufo, Soninké
  • Nigeria: Haoussa / Hausa, Peul/Foulbé

Are you a translator/interpreter or know one? Please send your UPDATED Translator/Interpreter CV to, make sure to include
previous work experience as a translator/interpreter you might have done in the past (paid or unpaid, professionally or voluntarily). THIS IS A CRITERIA FOR BEING SELECTED.

2. If you can “voice over” in any of the above-mentioned languages, please
send us an email too.

Deadline is 9 pm (GMT) on June 5th, 2020.


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  1. I’m Samira Umar Abubakar I worked with cornerstone insurance company Nigeria PLC. I worked as an interpreter making awareness for the importance of insurance for people that in Hausa community and marketing insurance as well.


    1. We adviste then you send your detailed experience and CV to the email stated in the call Samira


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