Fully Funded Erasmus+ Multi-Skills Carousel Youth Exchange Project

Erasmus+ Multi-Skills Carousel Youth Exchange Project

Erasmus+ Multi-Skills Carousel Youth Exchange Project

This project addresses the topic of unemployment in youngsters, since in 2019, the rate of unemployed 18-24 year-olds in the EU-28 area is around 14%, that is 3.3 million young people (18-24 years) who do not have a job. The purpose of “Multi-skills Carousel” youth exchange is to create a secure environment in which participants will be able to use elements of non-formal education for their personal and professional development so that to increase their chances of integration into the labor market, as well as to perform better in school/university.

That means that you, as a participant, will have the opportunity to develop your professional competences and soft skills in a special context, which is opposed to the academic/mainstream school format and we can assure you that the learning process will be fun and nobody is getting bored in our project 🙂 That doesn’t mean that we disregard school, not at all. We just offer a complementary way to help your better yourself.

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How will we do this?

We will first make sure that you all get to know each other enough so you will afterwards work in teams at your full potential. We will also get deeper into the topic of our project through analyzing the facts and realities from the communities you live in and that means that you will have to do a little homework on this. Don’t worry, this is not something as a the regular homework we know from school, and you will do it in national teams. More on this will follow at a later time.

Then you will also get the chance to work things out in a more artistic way, as there will be times when you’ll have to act, sing or dance. No worries, nobody is forced to do anything that they don’t feel comfortable with. However, it is you who will have to run the activities so all this lies on your creativity, initiative, energy, team spirit attitude and the willingness to improve yourselves in a friendly environment.

Going on through the timeline of the project, you will get the chance to put in practice everything that you have learnt thus far in a real-life context, which is holding your own-developed workshops (in teams of 5-6) at a local high-school located in the biggest city in Vrancea county. Yes, that counts as one more trip for this project.

By taking part in this project, the participants will:

  • deepen their understanding of unemployment, causes&effects, European and national context; come up with creative solutions to the problems raised; find out more on European backed-programs which support young people through financial help such as scholarships, study loans and opportunities to learn abroad, trainee-ships, volunteering opportunities and the like
  • develop professionally by acquiring competences in non-formal education, intercultural exchange, international knowledge, social-civic competences
  • improve foreign language communication
  • increase their working satisfaction
  • gain experience in international work
  • improve their self-reflection, concentration power, self-control, creative, critical and artistic thinking, communication, persuasion, negotiation skills, cope with an job interview, sharp thinking, leadership competences and so on
  • develop their professional network by working on future partnerships
  • develop themselves personally, by learning about other cultures, overcome their fear of speaking in public, become better team workers, break stereotypes of various kinds etc.


Accommodation and food: 100% covered by Erasmus + Program

Travel costs are budgeted according to Erasmus + conditions (using the EU distance calculator)

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To Apply

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Countries involved: Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Italy, Romania and Spain


“Aspire Rise Connect Inspire” is a newly established association (April 2019) made in order to provide access to alternative education for young people from Vrancea county, Romania and from abroad as well, through which they can develop from a social, cultural and civic point of view, but also to improve their lifestyle by promoting sport.

Each partner country will send 4 participants aged 18-25 plus 1 group leader (18+).

We are seeking volunteers, high school student (over 18 years of age), students, but most of all we want to give the chance of participation to those youngsters who are not in employment, education or training (NEET). This is a very important mission of our project, which is helping these people to increase their competences in order for them to do well in school or ease their job finding process. Therefore, we expect our partners to commit to this mission and send at least one NEET person per national group, or at least one person with fewer opportunities (socially, economically, geographically speaking).

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