Call for YouLead 2019 Ambassadors (Monthly Stipend Available)

Call For YouLead 2019 Ambassadors
Call For YouLead 2019 Ambassadors
The YouLead Summit Secretariat is calling for Ambassadors from each country in the East African Region to carry out functions in their respective countries. Applications are open between Wednesday 04 and 15th September 2019. We encourage you to apply to be part of this important and exciting event.

Key tasks

  1. Work with the YouLead Communications and Social Media Team to promote YouLead Summit events and activities in your country and at the East African regional level.
  2. Work with the YouLead Consortium and YouLead Action Network in your country in planning, coordination and execution of national level pre-summit events in your country.

Who are YouLead Ambassadors?

YouLead Ambassadors have played an important role in the success of YouLead summit since first held in 2017. As part of the program the ambassadors are responsible to mobilise youth and support coordination of in-country events in their country. They increase awareness about YouLead and introduce the summit to partners, participants and potential volunteers. As local change makers, YouLead Ambassadors are active on social media and develop and share contents about YouLead, as they unfold, on relevant platforms.

What YouLead Offer
A modest lump sum monthly stipend to be determined by YouLead partners, mainly to cover reimbursement for applicable costs directly related to the assignment. Consideration for admission to participate in YouLead Summit in Arusha depending on satisfactory performance. A certificate of recognition.

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To Apply

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A YouLead Ambassador must
  • Be a resident in one of the East African countries – preferably
  • Be between the ages of 18-35 at the time of application
  • Able to commit to at least 2-4 hours a week to increase awareness about YouLead
    Available to attend meetings and developing content and post resources on relevant platforms
  • Organize and participate in activities that support peers through YouLead
  • Availability, ability to coordinate or support coordination of in-country events in their countries
  • Have created or are active members of a youth led organization, network or affiliation

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