CIVICUS Webinar on How to Resource Youth-Led Movements

CIVICUS Webinar on How to Resource Youth-Led Movements

CIVICUS Webinar on How to Resource Youth-Led Movements

Do you want to explore the trends, challenges & opportunities for resourcing youth-led civil society action? Join CIVICUS webinar on  “How to Resource Youth-Led Movements in the 21st Century”! Date: June 26, 12:30 GMT

Let’s explore the resourcing trends and challenges faced by youth-led civil society movements and groups, as well as potential opportunities, best practices and innovative models that can help to overcome them.

In this live, 60-minute webinar, young activists, including representatives of the CIVICUS and RECREAR youth networks will share:

• The key findings from an analysis of youth resourcing trends in Africa and Latin America

• Why youth-led movements and groups need differentiated resourcing practices and models

• Personal experiences, programs or approaches that are intentionally tailoring support and resources to young activists’ needs and ways of organising

CIVICUS will host an additional 30-minute session for those interested in having a more in-depth dialogue with the speakers about their resourcing experiences and perspectives.

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