African Presidential Leadership Program 2019

African Presidential Leadership Program (APLP)

African Presidential Leadership Program (APLP)

In the line with Egypt’s focus on creating a promising youth base qualified to carry the leadership torch within all areas on a political, administrative or community front, and possess profound national awareness with a comprehensive understanding of the challenges and opportunities faced by the country, the decision to launch the presidential programs to train youth was born.

Through the Presidential Programs, the academy works to inject competent youth into the pipelines of the governmental sector and any other sectors that contribute to building and supporting the national economy and developing and raising the efficiency and performance of their workers in the administrative sector of the state. The impact of the Presidential Programs also extends to support the leadership and competencies within neighboring Arab and African countries.

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The idea of the first batch of the “African Presidential Leadership Program” (APLP) was launched as part of the implementation of one of the recommendations of the 2018 World Youth Forum and coinciding with the 2019 Egyptian Presidency of the African Union. The program aims at bringing together African youth with different affiliations and beliefs under one umbrella aimed at development and peace, complementing Egypt’s role in effective participation with other African governments. The program is designed to give more than 1,000 young people from Africa a chance to participate in 10 sessions of 100 young African people each

It will take place May 2nd- June 6th, 2019 at the National Training Academy in Egypt.

APLP aims to bring together African youth with different affiliations and backgrounds under one umbrella towards development and peace.

  • Program Duration: Five Weeks
  • Teaching Language: English Only **

* *During Batch One, the teaching language will be in English Only. However, our future batches will be provided in both English & French.

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The topics covered under the APLP program revolve around six main pillars which are:

  1. African Opportunities and Challenges
  2. Economic and Sustainable Development
  3. Women Empowerment and Gender Equality
  4. Management & Leadership Skills
  5. Information Technology, Innovation and Learning Cities
  6. Design Thinking

Besides the state-of-the-art program design and tackled topics, a set of activities are scheduled to add to the richness of the program, including; Field-trips , cultural events, Site-seeing tours and Sports activities.

To apply

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Enrollment Requirements:

  • Applying for the program through the NTA website
  • The applicant must be between 18 and 30 years of age
  • Preference for admission will be to applicants with achievements (scientific, sports, cultural, or social)
  • Submit a status of education or graduation certificate
  • Passing interviews for those wishing to join via Skype
  • Sending a video of 5 to 7 minutes about the pressing problems facing Africa

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