African Union ECOSOCC Call For Application For Elections Into The 3rd ECOSOCC General Assembly

African Union

Economic, Social and Cultural Council of AU, ECOSOCC was established under the provision ofArticles 5 and 22 of the AU Constitutive Act. Its Statutes, adopted by the AU Assembly in July 2004, define it as an advisory organ composed of different social and professional groups of AU Member States (Assembly/AU/ Dec.48 (III)).

Under Article 4 of the ECOSOCC Statutes, the Council is composed of 150 CSOs: two CSOs from each Member State; 10 CSOs operating at regional level and eight at continental level, 20 CSOs from the African Diaspora, as defined by the Executive Council and covering the continents of the world; and six CSOs, in ex-officio capacity, nominated by the AU Commission and based on special considerations, in consultation with Member States. Article 4 also provides for Member States, regional, continental and Diaspora representatives to be elected on the basis of 50 percent gender equality and 50 percent aged between 18 and 35. Members are elected for four-year terms and may be re-elected once.

Since its inception, the organ have had two successful General Assembly terms. The second General Assembly ended in December, 2018 and 1st Session of the Third (3rd) general Assembly meeting took place from 10-12 in Nairobi Kenya, in presence of 73 new elected members. It is expected that the 3rd General Assembly will meet most probably end of March 2019, to establish the ten Cluster Committees and other internal structures of the Organ.

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In order to allow for greater representation of CSOs from the remaining underrepresented member States of the Union, the ECOSOCC is encouraging the civil society organizations (who applied with incomplete applications in the previous process as well as new civil societies applying for the first time from the below indicated countries (see list below) to apply for ECOSOCC membership by filling the attached application form and provide all relevant supporting documents as indicated on the application form.

To Apply

Download Application Here

Applications will be screened by the Credential Committee on Verification and Eligibility of candidates and elections will be conducted for qualified candidates as soon as possible.

Completed application forms with all relevant documents should be sent to the Secretariat as soon as possible using the following postal address.

ECOSOCC Secretariat, African Citizens and Diaspora Directorate,
African Union Commission,
P.O. Box 3243,
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Or electronically through ECOSOCC Secretariat’s official email:; cc:

Note that only duly completed applications will be taken into consideration. Please do not leave any question unanswered, rather write “not applicable” if it is the case. Hand-filled applications will not be accepted.

In order to have the full composition of the General Assembly (130 seats), the GA has directed the Secretariat in CIDO to reopen the application process for elections into the 3rd General Assembly till 15th February 2019.

Please also send your duly completed application with the following mandatory

A. Copy of certificate of registration showing a minimum of three (3) years proof of registration prior to the date of submission of the application, including proof of operations for those years.

B .Copy of annual audit statements by an independent auditing company for the preceding three years. The audit reports should be signed and stamped by the independent auditing company. The external source of funding should be clearly mentioned both in the application form as well as the Audit Report.

C. Information on funding sources in the preceding three years. (Financial Statements)

D. For regional and continental organisations, show proof of activities that engage or are
operative in at least three (3) Member States of the Union.

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In this regard, the following factors, but not limited to, will be taken into account when verifying and appraising the application:

The Constitution of the organisation.

a) The audit reports and financial statements which will indicate the financial means of the  Organisation and the activities carried out in other countries and the frequency of
those activities.
b) The Offices or branches in other countries.
c) The diversity of the composition of the Executive/Governing Board.
E. Copy of Constitution/Charter or Statutes of your organisation.
F. Names and nationalities of the current members / executive body of the organisation.
G. Name, history and background of the two (2) designated representative of the organisation to the ECOSOCC General Assembly. (A male and female representative for purposes of gender balance)

H. Completed and signed application form. The application form should be signed by the head of the organisation or by authorized member of the executive board.

Countries with only one representative
1. Botswana National Level
2. Burundi National Level
3. Chad National Level
4. Comoros National Level
5. Cote D’Ivoire National Level
6. Equatorial Guinea National Level
7. Eritrea National Level
8. Gabon National Level
9. Kenya National Level
10. Madagascar National Level
11. Malawi National Level
12. Mali National Level
13. Mozambique National Level
14. Niger National Level
15. Seychelles National Level
16. South Africa National Level
17. South Sudan National Level
18. Swaziland National Level
19. Zambia National Level

Countries with No representative:
1. Angola
2. Benin
3. Cape Verde
4. Central African Republic
5. Congo
6. Gambia
7. Guinea Bissau
8. Lesotho
9. Namibia
10. Sao Tome & Principe
11. Tanzania
12. Rwanda
13. Libya
14. Senegal

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