International Institute for Sustainable Development ENB Writers Recruitment 2019

International Institute for Sustainable Development ENB Writers Recruitment

International Institute for Sustainable Development ENB Writers Recruitment

The International Institute for Sustainable Development, Reporting Services Division (IISD RS), is looking for new writers for its team of freelance consultants (the “ENB Team”) who write and edit the Earth Negotiations Bulletin and IISD’s other conference reporting (ENB+) services.

IISD is an international non-governmental organization. Qualified applicants from all countries are encouraged to apply. Successful applicants will be hired on a consulting basis for meetings held in locations all over the world. We do not require or provide work permits, work visas, or relocate consultants who are successful candidates for these freelance positions.

Because of the large number of applicants expected, only those who demonstrate that they meet all of the general and specific requirements will be considered. All applicants should submit a copy of their resume (Curriculum Vitae), together with a cover letter detailing how they meet each of the requirements set out below. Both the CV and cover letter are used in the selection of candidates.

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  1. Work on the Earth Negotiations Bulletin and other publications requires long hours, including on weekends, often in small offices with other members of the team. All applicants should be able to work well in small group situations, handle stress and show the highest respect for co-workers even in the most trying moments.
  2. ENB writers are paid an honorarium that is scaled according to experience on ENB teams (from US$1200 to US$2550 per week). IISD reimburses all business-related and travel expenses while attending meetings. Consultants are required to be available for at least four meetings per year, with between five and sixteen days of work per meeting.
  3. Each successful candidate will spend three days in a training session before joining the ENB team.
  4. Candidates should NOT be looking for full-time work at present and should demonstrate how freelance work on the ENB Team will incorporate into their other work or studies.


All applicants should:

  • be in the early stages, or about to begin a Ph.D. program or hold a Ph.D. or LL.M degree, or have at least five years of UN environment or sustainable development policy experience (working, lobbying or negotiating in the UN system);
  • have worked, published or undertaken academic research on one or more of the multilateral environmental agreements (MEAs) covered by the Earth Negotiations Bulletin;
  • demonstrate complete fluency in understanding and speaking English and have both recent experience in writing in English and strong written and conversational language skills in one other UN language;
  • have a good understanding of multilateral negotiations and the UN system;
  • work well in small groups;
  • have the flexibility to travel to international meetings for periods of up to three weeks at a time;
  • be available for at least four assignments per year;
  • be able to type well enough to take legible verbatim notes; and
  •  have a laptop computer.

Those offered a place on the team are required to attend a training session in Bonn, Germany, in June 2019.

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  • Upload Curriculum Vitae/resume and a letter of introduction that explains your interest in working for theEarth Negotiations Bulletin, listing specific information on your issue expertise in any of the policy issues we follow, any recent academic or journalistic publications, and how you meet each of the minimum requirements. Applicants should fully articulate their depth of background and experience in multilateral negotiations, and detail language abilities.
  • List details of two professional referees.
  • Include your skype username.

 The deadline for applications is 1800 (6:00pm) GMT on Sunday, 20 January 2019.


All cover letters and resumes/CVs will be reviewed and ranked according to the specific requirements set out above. Because we anticipate a large number of applicants, we apologize that we will only contact those candidates who will advance to the next stage.

Top ranked candidates will be contacted on or before 20 February 2019.

Shortlisted candidates will be asked to participate in a one-way video interview (21-22 February), followed by a “virtual” tryout, which will be held at an agreed time between 4-8 March. During this tryout, candidates will be asked to listen to negotiations (recorded and streamed over the Internet), take notes, and then summarize the discussion in ENB style.

 Results of the tryouts will be evaluated, and highest ranked candidates will be invited to a Skype interview from 18-22 March.

 Offers will be made to successful recruits by 12 April 2019.

Please note that these are not full-time positions and applicants should only apply if interested in freelance consulting work. Applicants will be asked how freelance consulting with IISD RS would fit into their other existing research and/or consulting work.

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