Call For Applications: Y-PHEM 2018 | Diplomacy Opportunities


Want to be valued, supported and heard? you need a confidence booster? Maybe interested in blogging, human rights, women’s rights, peace-building, youth and gender advocacy or perhaps don’t know your cause yet? Looking for educational advice and life lessons?

Youth-Programme of Holistic Empowerment Mentoring (Y-PHEM) is an opportunity for youth especially disaffected youth and girls, to be mentored from a revolutionary and feminist approaches . And it’s FREE of charge.

Age: 15- 25 years old (with case by case exceptions)

Language: Mentees should be able to communicate in Arabic, English or French

Location: You can live remotely anywhere in the world but need access to Internet

Duration: The programme lasts for five months


  1. Offer an opportunity for mentees to learn and dream, to enhance their self-esteem and confidence and revisit their life values and purpose
  2. Support youth especially girls in their career development and professional commitment
  3. Enhance the mentees’ academic performance, educational, social, behavioral and personal growth

Ultimate Goal: to nurture a community of thought leaders and dreamers and contribute to building peace by mentoring the next generation worldwide to be positive change agents and take responsibility for their actions so we can change the world together.

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Approach:  Empower. Protect. Prevent.

  • Empower: The phase where the mentees are empowered with skills, knowledge and access to information and opportunities but most importantly support them to find hope and purpose and pursue academic excellence and professional goals.
  • Protect: The phase where the mentees receive accompaniment to embark on their journey and become part of a support system and community of change-makers.
  • Prevent: This is usually the most invisible phase of the programme where the intervention of mentoring contributes to changing behavior and finding purpose and inner peace.

Depending on the mentees’ needs, the Programme tailored support offers:

  • Self-development through inner peace practice, meditation, reflections and positivity
  • Opportunities to be involved in the fields of human rights, women’s rights, peacebuilding, youth and gender advocacy or other causes (in any region)
  • Access to networks and networking in the field of interest
  • Coaching on blogging, writing and public speaking as well as leadership knowledge and other skills
  • Mentoring on seeking educational excellence and help enroll into reputable institutions to benefit from the best quality education

To apply

Click here to apply

The programme opens twice a year by July and January.

Deadline for this cohort is 10 February 2018. Announcement 1st March 2018.

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Read more about the programme on Y-PHEM website