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Amsterdam University College Model United Nations is a relatively young MUN conference in the heart of Amsterdam. In 2016, it held its first edition and it grew ever since. Read more about what motivated the first Secretary-General to create this unique conference, and what drove his predecessors to build on this conference and improve it.

Thomas Litan

Thomas LitanMy name is Thomas Litan, I am 22 and currently studying Law at the University of Amsterdam. In 2016, I served as the Secretary-General of the first AUCMUN conference. After participating in over 30 conferences elsewhere, I wanted to enjoy the experience on ‘the other side’, as I had never been in an organising committee before. Together with a friend, I spent several evenings discussing how this would work and together we formed a Secretariat, with both experienced delegates and interested newcomers. Within seven months, we were able to put together the foundation of what AUCMUN is today. While our first conference was small-scaled – there were only two committees – and we experienced several organisational difficulties along the road, the positive feedback and encouragement we received from both participants and visitors encouraged one of my Secretariat members to carry the tradition forward and transform AUCMUN 2017 into a much larger and much more experienced conference. I’m extremely proud of what AUCMUN has become and hope that it will continue to amaze, inspire and encourage students for decades to come!

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Ishvar Lalbahadoersing

Ishvar LalbahadoersingMy name is Ishvar Lalbahadoersing, I am currently a third year science student. For two years, I have been involved with AUCMUN, firstly as head of logistics in 2016, later as Secretary-General in 2017. If we were to think of AUCMUN as a house, I think that my role was to create the basement and pillars. Especially in my second year, when I led the team as SG, I tried to create a clear structure and set up for the upcoming years. This was a great success, within one year the conference became a great success, in all senses, a bigger conference of higher quality and bigger name. Hopefully this year the conference can continue to grow, and I am confident that it will. I am proud to have been part of the building teams and to have made fundamental improvements to the conference.

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Ruth del Pino Bleijerveld

Ruth del Pino BleijerveldMy name is Ruth del Pino Bleijerveld and I’m a Spanish/Dutch 19 year old student in the fields of International Relations, Political Science and International Law. This year, it is truly an honor to be leading this amazing team of 17 bright individuals as the Secretary-General of AUCMUN 2018. Last year, I was Ishvar’s right-hand and sidekick in our mission to expand the reach of AUCMUN and invite more international delegates. This year, we are even more ambitious: we are inviting twice as many delegates, creating many more committees, inviting more guest speakers and are organising our first Diplomat’s Dinner ever. We are starting new traditions that will hopefully be carried on in all the AUCMUN conferences to come.

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