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Youth Peace Initiative (YPI)
Youth Peace Initiative banner
Youth Peace Initiative banner

Since its founding in 2014, the Youth Peace Initiative (YPI) has brought Palestinian and Israeli youth together with the goal to advance positive engagement of youth to the peace process within the region. Starting out with a group of fifteen participants in The Hague, the initiative has grown to a large group with more enthusiastic and active delegates and many more affiliated young people around the world, discussing the current situation and developing ideas for a sustainable solution.

The current generation of young adults has the highest respect for the efforts of their leaders and the international community. This generation is of utmost importance in implementing a possible agreement, if any would be reached in the near future. However, currently they are facing a future in which they will have to live in the absence of any agreement. The absence of official negotiations and the consequential loss of hope for a solution create for many a reason to take (violent) initiatives themselves. The lack of development, hope and inclusivity should be counterbalanced by a positive initiative. The Youth Peace Initiative strongly believes that it is time for a new, young and positive voice to emerge and contribute to a peaceful future.

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YPI covers the costs of transport (including the travel to and from the Netherlands), participation and accommodation during the week of the conference.

To apply

YPI seeks for participants who are passionate about conflict resolution, peace building and engaging youth in peacebuilding efforts. Applicants should be between the ages of 18 and 30, have a proficient level of English and some knowledge about the history and the background of the Middle East Peace Process.

YPI Conference February 2018

In February, YPI will organize a new conference in the Netherlands. During this conference, eighteen young adults between the ages of 18 and 30 – five Palestinians, five Israelis, and 8 from (post)conflict countries: Northern Ireland, Cyprus, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Colombia – will meet in the Netherlands to get to know the country and each other. What happens after the initial days is crucial: towards the end of the week, the group will work on their own blueprint with action points to make reconciliation viable to pave the road to sustainable peace and have the important voices of youth heard in the Middle East Peace Process.


Applicants should email their personal information, a motivation letter and a curriculum vitae to info@youthpeaceinitiative.net Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis. The last deadline for submission will be January 1, 2018.

The motivational statement (max. 500 words) should address the following elements:

  • Why do you want to participate in this YPI conference?
  • What is your experience/What demonstrates your interest in this field/topic/region?
  • What can you add to the group?
  • How will you implement your knowledge that you gained from the YPI conference afterwards?

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  1. Hi Greetings,
    First I would like to appreciate your efforts to bring youth together for communication & exchange of ideas which are vital to bring peace in the conflict areas.

    I want to know if anyone want to attend the conference as Observer and learner at own travel expenses.

    Regards Faisal Ali Arain from Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan

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