2017 SAIIA Wildlife Youth Forum (Fully Funded) | Diplomacy Opportunities

SAIIA South Africa

The South African Institute of International Affairs (SAIIA) with the support of the US Mission to South Africa, will hosts a regional Youth Forum focusing on wildlife conservation and combating trafficking. This forum will take place in Johannesburg, South Africa from 6-10 December 2017. The structure of this regional meeting will utilize Model United Nations debating principles to provide a professional environment where delegates will work together diplomatically to negotiate a cohesive position which outlines their stance on topics and puts forward youth-led recommendations. The December event will then be followed-up with a series of smaller Model UN conferences and policy interventions that will be led by the summit participants and Youth@SAIIA staff around key policy windows and international days in 2018.

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All delegates will be staying at the University of the Witwatersrand residence halls. Meals will be provided by SAIIA, and all dietary requirements will be taken into consideration.

Flights and transport will booked through SAIIA. Outings and a trip to Pretoria will also be organised for the entire group at the conference.

All accommodation, flights and transportation costs will be covered for successful candidates.


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Potential participants must be:
*a citizen from an African country
*between the ages 14-23 years old
*actively involved in community outreach
*interested in wildlife conservation and combating trafficking
*committed to fostering international awareness
*passionate about global issues and child and youth involvement and empowerment

After the conference delegates will be asked to organise at least one event with their nominating organisation to share what they have learned from the conference.

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Question? Please write to youth@saiia.org.za with SAIIA Wildlife Youth Forum as your subject line. Please also visit www.saiia.org.za/youth for more information on our work.