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World Life Experience have already chosen the 12 applicants who are going to participate in the adventure that will take them from Europe to South America. With more then 40,000 registrations, the event that includes 10 days in each city/country will start on January 8, 2018.

Starting this week, the identities of the lucky 12 travellers will be announced one day at a time.

The World Life Experience project is going to take these 12 people on an adventure through 30 countries for a whole year. This is a unique experience; one to which each individual – while working in a group – will bring their different insights in a yet to be written story.

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The 12 participants will share with a worldwide audience their social and environmental work, and their interaction with local organizations, as well as their activities exploring incomparable cultural landmarks or wandering off the beaten track.

About World Life Experience

António Coelho Dias represents the private company TOP EXPERIENCE, Lda., headquartered in Lisbon, Portugal, which is responsible for promoting and organizing the World Life Experience project. ThisPortuguese entrepreneur and founder of the World Life Experience project, launched in April 2017, believes it is possible to develop a sustainable project that brings together the commercial impactful side of a theme with social responsibility in order to play a very active social role.

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