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Sustainable Development Goals

The International Youth Conference based on the Sustainable Development Goals is an intensive week-long program with practical workshop sessions and panel dissuasions. It is a platform where Youth Leaders and Change Makers from around the world will meet and discuss issues related to the SGs This conference/ Workshop will be guided by the Sustainable Development Goals and the targets set to achieve them. As we continue to leave no one behind we will utilize the many innovative minds from around the world to brainstorm ideas that we all will work an through the partnership which is SDG 17.

This Conference will also highlight projects that advance the objectives of one or more of the 17 SDGs. This initiative fits up and advances the work of exceptional teams who are already developing innovative solutions that address the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) within their representative communities and country.

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The Aims and Objectives:

  • To reach a target audience of three hundred (300) youth and Young Adult participants from ages sixteen to thirty-five. These young leaders will be selected from across the globe with diverse backgrounds.
  • The Delegates will be equipped with a clear understanding of the SDG’s and will be trained to monitor and evaluate projects.
  • To collaborate with fifteen or more Youth organizations working on the SDG’s to grow the understanding of the delegates and help them network for prospects and also give the organizations an international reach.
  • Also practice real time practical solutions through Practical sessions on SDG’s.
  • To develop a comfortable, youth friendly space in which young people can share concerns, issues and ideas that affect them and their communities.
  • To create Youth leaders for sustainable development across the globe and bring about change.
  • To find real solutions for community based, city based, country based, region based and globe based problems.

This productive conference will prepare several emerging change makers and youth leaders to work on Sustainable development in their communities and countries in two ways:

1. Through education on sustainable development, conferences, brainstorming sessions, and networking with likeminded young adults from across the globe.
2. Through practical work during the practical sessions, based on the 17 Goals, so as to give them a real understanding and to implement it In their own countries.

To apply:

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Date: July 9-13, 2018
Montego Bay, Jamaica

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