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Sesame Mogotsi is an ambitious change agent who is passionate about Social Action particularly on issues relating to peace building, public policy, women and girls’ empowerment and quality education. She is a Political Science and Public Administration graduate, an Ashoka Changemakers Scholar 2016 and Emerging Social Entrepreneur. She is the Country Coordinator for the Commonwealth Youth Peace Ambassadors Network (CYPAN) in Botswana, a network of young people actively engaged in the peace and security agenda.

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The Commonwealth Youth Peace Ambassadors Network (CYPAN) brings together young people from across the Commonwealth to upscale and optimize grassroots, national, regional and Pan-Commonwealth efforts to promote peace, respect & understanding and preventing violent extremism. CYPAN is built upon the United Nations Security Council Resolution 2250, on youth peace and Security which highlights participation, protection, prevention,  partnership, disengagement and reintegration as major thematic towards promoting youth participation in peace as security.

Sesame has led the implementation of network activities in her country such as the school outreach program, which is focused on sensitizing youth on the organization and its mandate, providing a platform for youth to actively engage in peace building activities and drive the narrative on youth as partners in the peace and security agenda and not merely victims and instigators of violence. CYPAN Botswana has reached close to 2000 youth since its inception and continues to reach more schools. Sesame believes that peace is the basis of all developmental efforts; peace, justice and effective, accountable and inclusive institutions are at the core of sustainable development.

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