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Sweden Diplomatic Program

Do you want to work to represent Sweden, promote Swedish interests and assist Swedish citizens abroad? Do you have a great interest in the outside world and questions about Sweden’s domestic and foreign policy? Working as a diplomat involves varied, complex and interesting tasks with the world as a field of work. Now it is possible to apply for the diplomatic program 2018-2019.

The diplomatic program prepares future Swedish diplomats for service in foreign affairs, that is, at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Stockholm and at Sweden’s more than 100 foreign authorities. When you are admitted to the diploma program, you will receive a first placement in Stockholm or abroad. During one of your first three years with us, you participate in the program part of the program, which is being conducted in Stockholm.

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The work as a diplomat includes serving in Stockholm as well as in different parts of the world where Sweden is represented. Normally, the first international posting takes place in countries with relatively demanding conditions.

For example, the work includes:

• assist Swedish citizens abroad
• promote Sweden’s foreign and security interests
• analyze global events and developments in different countries and regions
• promote Sweden’s trade and industry internationally as well as foreign investment in Sweden
• contribute to the governance of Swedish multilateral and bilateral assistance,
• support Swedish authorities and stakeholders abroad,
• promote knowledge about Sweden and promote a positive and comprehensive Sweden image.

We offer you meaningful and varied work with Sweden and the world as a field of work. Read more about our business at www.regeringen.se

Your background
You have a completed academic degree corresponding to at least one file. Laws. You have very good knowledge of Swedish and English and good knowledge of at least one additional language – preferably Arabic, French, Mandarin, Russian, Spanish or German. You have very good general knowledge about Swedish society and a living interest in Swedish domestic and foreign policy. You have a great interest in the outside world and different cultures and experience of living, studying, practicing or working abroad for at least six months. If the experience is from a place where living conditions are particularly demanding, it is meritorious. To start the training, you also need a B driver license.

Your characteristics
You are responsible, have high integrity and good judgment. You are stimulated by working in many different roles and enjoying quick changes. You have good analytical ability and can formulate well in speech and writing, in Swedish and English. You can easily create contacts and collaborate with others.

About 20 people will be admitted to the diplomatic program. The employment is limited in time for permanent employment. For information about the recruitment process, see the Diplomat Program page at Government.se.

The position is placed in security class and a security check with the registry check will be carried out before a decision on employment is taken. You must be a Swedish citizen, but you may want a foreign background.

Are you interested? To apply:

Click here to fill application form

Welcome to register your application in our recruitment tool by 30 October 2017 . Use the templates below for your personal letter and CV. The form is filled in in Swedish and is attached to the application.

Template for personal letter 
Template for resume

In the CV, you make an honest self-assessment of your language skills according to the EU scale, see the attached link: http://europass.cedefop.europa.eu/sv/resources/european-language-levels-cefr If you continue to the recruitment process we will test your language skills in different exercises.

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If you would like to know more, contact Sara Ramírez, tel: 08-405 24 99, Magnus Lenefors, tel: +46 8 405 57 11 or Torbjörn Wisth tel: +46 8 405 21 39, at the UD staff unit. Trade representatives, UPF (Saco), UD-UPF@gov.se, and ST-UD, ut.st-ud@gov.se can be reached via the Government Offices Exchange, tel: +46 8 405 10 00.

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