Call For Application: RIPAO Fellowship 2017 | Diplomacy Opportunities

In partnership with the Cameroon Debate Association (CDA) , the International Network for the promotion of the Arts of Speech in African, Caribbean and Pacific countries (RIPA) recruits three Research & Communication Fellows for its well-known project AFRICA GAWLO.The aim is to boost and assist RIPAO’s operational team, during research stage of AFRICA GAWLO project. Within this period, Fellows shall closely work as a team, in collaboration with the executive board of CDA and RIPAO department programs responsible of AFRICA GAWLO project.

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General goals and purpose of our mission

This program intends to offer to 3 (three) young Cameroonians the opportunity to :

  • Make available their knowledge and know-how for a project in which they will participate and that will be part of their professional experience ;
  • Contribute to local economic development of book and reading.
  • Engage and live a 12 months experience as a volunteer

Eligibility criteria:

  • To be between 21 and 34 years when applying
  • To registered in a higher education establishment of Cameroon
  • To be available during Fellowship period (November 2017-November 2018). To be a resident of Douala or Yaoundé
  • To own a computer
  • To have widespread writing and oral skills in French and English
  • To be a holder of at least a Bachelor Degree or a Master in Communication and Journalism, Business Management, Law, International Relations, Literature, Translation, Business (Management, administration, marketing) and in culture-related jobs (mediation and cultural engineering, trades within the book industry, movie, audio-visual…), etc.

NB: Female applications are highly encouraged.


Be able to adapt to a working environment showing patience Be interested in oral activities, training, and book.

To know how to proceed to active monitoring in the activity sector. To have good writing and communication skills ;

To have good organizational and planning skills;

To have a team work spirit, to be versatile and capable of working under pressure. An understanding of RIPAO programs


Applications should be sent by mail before October 10, 2017 at 12 P.M (GMT). They should be simultaneously submitted to the three addresses hereinafter:,, Should be included:

  1. A motivation letter
  2. A RESUME (not more than 2 pages)
  3. A certificate of school attendance (payment receipt of academic rights or student card).

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