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African Union – Youths, Peace and Security Charter Petition

Following the signing of the Joint United Nations – African Union Framework for Enhanced Partnership in Peace and Security on 19th April 2017, we call on you to enjoin in this petition to the African Union’s Peace and Security Council to take proactive and consistent steps of engaging and partnering with youths on the African peace and security agenda.

The adoption of the ‘AU – Youths, Peace and Security Charter’ by the African Union’s Peace and Security Council shall urge the African Union forward in implementing the underlying objectives of the United Nations Security Council Resolution 2250 in the African context, leveraging on the demographic dividend provided by the Africa youths collectively, while on the other hand creating a conducive environment for African Youths to be able to solve their own underlying problems related to peace and security.

For that matter, we are calling on all African Youths to add their voices and support to the petition’s public activation, considering it will be beneficial with your standing on the subject.

Please further note that this public petition is preliminary to gather critical mass on the process and adjacent reviews shall be communicated progressively before the final submission to the AU’s Peace and Security Council in November.

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