Afrika Youth Movement [AYM] | Call For Volunteers

Afrika Youth Movement

Afrika Youth Movement (AYM) is a pan-African, action-oriented, youth-led movement that strives for the active participation, development and leadership of African youth to transform Africa and achieve their rights to equality, peace and social justice. The movement seeks to create a continent that respects the rights of all its citizens, promotes the values of ubuntu, unity, self-determination, integrity and accountability and empowers African youth.

Established in 2015 as a social movement, AYM has grown to a community of over 5,000 active members from 40 countries and has since its inception made representations at the African Union, UNCTAD, GPEDC, UNECA, UNWomen, UNDP and ADB meetings etc.

For information on our work , check out the 2016 Annual Newsletter

At AYM we are seeking to expand our core team base to drive current and future engagements across the continent. We therefore seek team members for the following roles:

* General Requirements
– Aged between 24 and 34
– Professional media skills in one or more fields
– Impeccable personal and professional integrity: embodying AYM and pan-africanism values
– Effective communication with people of different cultures, demonstrating an ability to see issues from different perspectives
– Proven record of working regionally, continentally or globally in media related projects with diverse teams technical acumen.

* Specific Roles

1. Press Officer/ Blogger/Correspondence

  • Develop and keep a network of journalists informed about AYM
  • Organize press conferences
  • Keep an agenda of events where we can promote AYM
  • Arrange interviews, article publications in media channels
  • Content creation for the AYM blog

2. Social Media Manager

  • Create visual content for SM channels
  • Publish daily updates on SM
  • Engage & consolidate SM communities
  • Monthly SM reports & analytics
  • Drive traffic to AYM website via social media.
  • Lead urgent/planned social campaigns.

3. Webmaster

  • Website management (create/update section of news, clipping, press releases, etc. on the site)
  • Website security checks and subscriptions
  • Basic web development skills

4. Graphics Designer

  • Develop visuals (images, GIFs, short movies)
  • Design promotional materials and campaign materials
  • Prepare graphical version of concept notes, reports and communiqués

6. Translator (Arabic or French)

  • Translate all AYM documents and communiques into Arabic or French
  • Translate reports and eternal partnerships into Arabic or French

5. Newsletter manager

  • Monthly newsletter content curation, design and promotion
  • Monthly updates about AYM
  • Content creation for the AYM blog
  • Good use of email platforms (e.g. MailChimp)

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We are accepting applications until 23rd May 2017.

For inquiries please contact