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Canada Fund for Local Initiatives (CFLI)

The Canada Fund for Local Initiatives (CFLI) is a grant-giving program managed and supervised by the Canada Embassy in Egypt and is designed to support small to medium scaled, short-term yet highly impactful local development projects. Through providing direct and immediate funding for small projects that offer direct social, economic, or technical assistance to local beneficiaries and vulnerable groups of the population, the CFLI contributes to the overall country development priorities.

Entities Eligible to receive CFLI funding are:

  1. Local non-governmental, community and not-for-profit organizations.
  2. Local academic institutions working on local projects.
  3. International, intergovernmental, multilateral and regional institutions, organizations and agencies working on local development activities.
  4. Municipal, regional or national government institutions or agencies of the recipient country working on local projects.
  5. Canadian non-governmental and not-for profit organizations that are working on local development activities.

Important Notes:

Non-governmental organizations applying for CFLI funding should  be  fully  registered  under  the  Egyptian  Ministry  of  Social Solidarity (MOSS) and or other respective in-line ministries, should provide legal documentation for their eligibility to receive Canadian funding,

Applicants  who  have  submitted  proposals  in  the  past  years  to  CFLI,  but  were  not selected are eligible to submit new projects or resubmit previously submitted projects for the consideration of the CFLI local selection committee.

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What Projects Does CFLI Support?

CFLI supports short-term projects with complete implementation time-frame of two to four months. The applicants should also take into consideration that approval from respective in- line ministries or governing bodies) approvals are a pre-requisite to receiving the grants.  While the CFLI and Canada Embassy will provide necessary support for winning projects, the process of obtaining approvals is the responsibility of the applicants.

Winning projects should focus on the described thematic focus areas for 2017/2018 and should consist mainly of practical project activities that can be implemented immediately upon receiving the fund and provided direct and immediate positive impact on the project beneficiaries and local community.

What Are CFLI’s Key Thematic Priorities for 2017/2018?

  1. Empowering women and girls and promoting gender equality
  2. Promoting human development, specifically in the areas of health, nutrition, and education
  3. Supporting inclusive and green economic growth and promoting action on the environment, including water and climate change

How Much Funding Does CFLI Provide?

CFLI  project  funding  for  this  year  ranges  between  15,000  (Fifteen  Thousand)  to  a maximum of 50,000 (Fifty Thousand) Canadian Dollar. In general CFLI encourages project applicants to apply for amounts ranging between $CAD 10,000 to 30,000 per project; based on our experience in fund management under the limited implementation time- frame of CFLI projects and the specific nature of this fund.

Fund  disbursement  to  winning  proposals  are  pending  the  receipt  of  the  written  and official approval of MOSS for the NGO and the project.

What Are the Eligible CFLI Costs?

All costs should be directly related to project activities implementation. CFLI Coordinator will support the applicants in preparing project budgets if needed.   Core funding or recurrent costs to an organization are not eligible, nor are revolving funds, such as microfinance  loans.  Furthermore,  any  administrative  expenses  must  be  shown  to  be project-specific. International airfare in a project requires prior approval from the CFLI Unit.

All payments are made with the equivalent of the $CAD value in local currency on the payment date. Although payments may have to be issued in a currency other than $CAD (local currency), the CFLI contribution agreement is signed in $CAD. The exchange rate applied will be determined on the date of the transaction.

How to Apply?

Applicants  are  requested  to  provide  a  proposal  outlining  the  project  scope  through covering the sections described in the following Annexes attached to this call for proposals.

Proposals can be submitted in Arabic and/or English (please select one language).

Click here for application form

Project outline shall follow Annex I titled ‘Proposal Outline’’, while project activities, results and outcomes shall follow Annex II titled ‘Logic Model’. The proposals shall also include any supporting documentation of positive track record for active engagement of the NGO, previous implemented projects and any other material that supports the suggested proposal. Project budgets should follow the model described in Annex II titled ‘Project Budget.’

Applicants   should send the completed proposals in English to the Canada Fund Coordinator, Ghada Kabesh on: and no later than May 21st, 2017 COB.

Incomplete proposals will be disregarded and only shortlisted applicants will be notified.

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