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DataKind Democratic Freedom Project

DataKind and Omidyar Network are calling for project proposals from organizations interested in using data science to promote democratic freedoms and civil liberties in the U.S.  If your organization is selected, you’ll be matched with a team of pro bono data scientists to help you maximize your impact.

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With DataCorps, your organization will have the opportunity to work with an elite group of pro bono data scientists – including statisticians, data engineers, and computer programmers – on a multi-month project to help you cut costs, save staff time,  reach more people in need and ultimately maximize your impact.

As part of its commitment to creating a world of positive returns, Omidyar Network is financially underwriting this call for proposals and, once applications are reviewed, will host a matching challenge to inspire other funders to join in and accelerate impact at this critical time.

We are seeking visionary partner organizations that…

  • Work in an  issue area related to democratic freedom or civic engagement, such as anti-hate speech, refugees, immigration, journalism, combating fake news etc.
  • Are mission-driven – nonprofits, foundations, charities, social enterprises, and government agencies
  • Have a clear Theory of Change and understand how their activities lead to real world change
  • Have digital data, unexplored datasets or want help finding data to inform their work
  • Have leaders committed to using data to make decisions and learn hard truths, not just to report on their past work

To apply

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Deadline April 30, 2017

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