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XIX 2017 World Festival of Youth and Students

This year, Russia will host the 2017 World Festival of Youth and Students. On 14-22 October, young people from all around the world will come to Sochi to participate in this great event.

The World Festival of Youth and Students has been active since 1947. In 1957 and 1985, the Festival was held in Moscow. The 1957 Festival in Moscow was the biggest event in its history uniting 34,000 delegates from 131 countries. In 2017, we expect around 30,000 from 150 countries to attend the event!

You will experience:

  • Visa-free entry for foreign participants
  • a unique educational and discussion program with the participation of world-class professionals
  • real applied skills in master classes and creative workshops
  • complexity of Russian culture: ballet, ice show, a film festival, jazz festival, circus program
  • Life-style program: street dances, healthy lifestyle, jogging, hitting a qualifying standards of the “Ready to Work and Defense”, extreme park, musical subcultures
  • acquaintance with like-minded people and colleagues from 150 countries
  • participation in a grand international youth event


  • meals
  • hotel accommodation
  • access to all the educational, cultural and sports fields

At the expense of the host country.

Who can attend the Festival

  • have an active life position
  • are from 18 to 35 years
  • have your own favorite practice
  • respect the interests of your country
  • consider yourself as a part of the global community
  • belong to one of the categories of participants:
    1. leaders of youth NGOs
    2. young journalists
    3. creative, artistic young people (musicians, writers, artists, directors, etc.)
    4. leaders of sports clubs
    5. young engineers
    6. leaders of youth organizations of political parties
    7. young university teachers
    8. leaders of student government
    9. young scientists (social, humanitarian and economic, natural and technical sciences)
    10. young entrepreneurs
    11. compatriots
    12. young foreigners who study Russian language and are interested in Russian culture

How to take part?

  1. fill up the application for participation (* Please fill in all the fields correctly!)
  2. keep track of the status of an application in a personal account
  3. get at the result for the completion period of the participants registration

Your application will be sent to the National Preparatory Committee of your country. You will be invited to participate according to the results of the selection of applications, not over April 2017.

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