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Nigeria Entrepreneurship Summit and Honours

The Nigeria & Entrepreneurship Summit & Honors (NESH) will is holding on the 16th and 17th of November 2016. The event will serve as an important annual event that will bring together key leaders from the formal and informal sectors of the Nigerian Economy.

NESH will be the first time that on a national level, Entrepreneurship is celebrated and given its true consideration for its role in our common national development. We will gather some of the greatest entrepreneurs that Nigeria has given birth to, and provide the platform for them to share their narratives, to network, and to engage with senior Government officials and other key stakeholders.


This is a strategic effort to engage the entrepreneurs and leaders who drive Nigeria from the bottom up and to enable the formal sector to meet them,  learn their issues, share, network and together proffer practical solutions that can grow our Economy.

NESH will connect young entreprenuers to top 100 entrepreneurs (see full list of the entrepreneurs here) in Nigeria who will mentor, build and guide them in growing their various businesses across Nigeria.

Also, there are amazing giveaways at NESH by our sponsors with the top gift being a return ticket to London

Attendance is by invitation. To get your invite, register here and share the link with entrepreneurs you know in Nigeria.

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