Meet Ogunmola Olanrewaju Tajudeen from Nigeria. Ogunmola joined YALI network and undertook a course on Climate Change. In his words, “the course about climate change made me to realize that we personally have to start doing things differently and be the good example others need to follow.”

This realization led Ogunmola to BE THE CHANGE in his community and organized a community trash picking exercise. He invited the community youth leader and was able to unite other young people around him to clear a trash site which was situated right in front of a primary school so the school can have a clean environment in educating children who attend the school.

At the end of the exercise, “we were so fulfilled to have been the positive change the community should follow and now, we have planned to make the trash picking exercise a monthly programme.”

An act, no matter how little could be the change your community desires. Be like Ogunmola and spear head a change that will unite your community and create a better environment for the next generation.

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  2. Unsustainable activities have to give way to sound inclusive growth by mitigating climate change. @hagi

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  3. Wow….i feel so honoured to be featured on your post. You are such an inspiration and I am willing to push further and be the best I can for the society at large.

    I’ve never been celebrated like this, it means alot to me. Thanks for being a voice for the youth and thanks for bringing opportunities closer to the hardworking minds.

    I really appreciate it and would always strive hard to be the positive change.

    Thank you so much. I feel blessed.

    Warm regard, Ogunmola


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